“The bedouins from the tribes of South Sinai. In their daily lives, the women still were these elaborate costumes that reveal only their eyes.” Mohamed El-Dakhakhni.

City Of Peace, Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh has been named by the UNESCO among the top five cities of peace in the World. Additionally, it has been classified as one of the most beautiful four cities in the world according to the classification of the BBC for 2005.

Egypt is one of the most important tourist attractions among the countries of the world because of its multi-faceted tourist treasures. Photo By: Mohamed El-Dakhakhny

Sharm El Sheikh features The Peace Icon Memorial, a real symbol of peace which has been designed in a technically unique way that combines modernity with the Pharaonic civilization, as a direct message for the whole world that Egypt is the land of peace and the city of Sharm El Sheikh is the icon of peace. This monument has been nominated in the Guinness book of records as the largest and longest metal art work in the world with the whopping height of 43 meters, and a colossal concrete base covered with black granite, it holds the famous Egyptian lotus flower holding 8 wings representing the main trends according to the ancient Pharaonic civilization, and inspired by the ancient Egyptian god of the sun “Ra”.

This esteemed Red Sea resort is famous for its many hotels and resorts where holiday makers flock from around the world to enjoy its sea and sun. It hosts a large number of the world’s most recognized diving centers attracting amateurs, professionals, and anyone interested to take on this sport for their pastime. Sharm El Sheikh is uniquely and centrally located at confluence of the Gulf of Aqaba and Suez on the coast of the Red Sea making it ideal for visitors from around the globe.

“Divers dives in Ras Mohammed Marine Park, Sharm El-Sheikh, South Sinai. This site can be subject to some strong currents, making it best suited to more experienced divers, but it’s simply one of the world’s best wall dives.”
SHARM EL-SHEIK, Egypt – The scene in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. Photo By/ Mohamed El-Dakhakhny

Foreign tourists still enjoing the beach in Egypt’s Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheik Sunday

Nabq South Sinai, Photo By: Mohamed El-Dakhakhny

As Sharm El Sheikh is the largest city in South Sinai Governorate it holds a number of tourist attractions including popular areas such as: Ras Nasrani, Ras Umm Sid, Ras Gameela, Ras Kaneesah, Sharm El Mieh, Nakhlet El Tebl, besides Ras Mohammed, located south and the natural reserve of Nabaa which is located between the beautiful city of Dahab, and Naama Bay which is located at the crossroads of Asia and Africa.

The city experiences a subtropical arid climate with temperatures ranging from 18 to 23 °C in January and 33 to 37 °C in August. The temperature of the Red Sea in this region ranges from 21 to 28 °C over the course of the year.

Sharm El Sheikh’s major industry is incoming and domestic tourism, owing to its scenic landscape, long stretches of natural sandy beaches, year-round dry climate with long hot summers and warm winters.

Sharm El Sheikh has become popular for various water-sports enthusiasts including scuba diving and snorkeling. It has grown in popularity among scientific tourists due to the diversity of its marine life being home to 250 different coral reefs and 1000 species of fish.

These natural resources, together with its proximity to European tourism markets, have stimulated the development of this resort city into a popular tourist destination that has plenty to offer its visitors, whatever their interests are: the nightlife of Sharm El Sheikh is modern and caters for all tastes. The colorful handicraft stands of the local Bedouin culture are a popular attraction. Ras Mohammed, at the southernmost tip of the peninsula, has been designated a national park, serving to protect the area’s wildlife as well as its natural landscape, shoreline and coral reef. A number of international hotels with golf courses and well equipped with other leisure facilities. The culinary choices are endless as well.

تعتبر مصر واحدة من أبرز نقاط الجذب السياحي بين دول العالم نظرا لما تتمتع به من كنوز سياحية متعددة الوجوه، ومن أهمها السياحة الثقافية حيث الحضارات القديمة ماثلة للعين، وتنطق بما كانت عليه الأمم التي شيدت تلك الحضارات منذ فجر التاريخ ,تحيا مصر و شعب مصر العربي العظيم