“Flying Table” is the largest vulture in Africa

As tall as a small child and with a wingspan of close to three meters, the lappet-faced vulture, sometimes called the “flying table,” is...

Egypt unveils historic Alexandria synagogue أقدم معبد يهودي إلياهو هانبي

ALEXANDRIA — Egypt unveiled Friday a newly renovated 14th-century synagogue in Alexandria as part of a push to market the country’s rich cultural heritage...

Egypt Aspires to Become Next Big Golf Tourism Destination

Golf courses around the world attract several visitors as golf tournaments help boost tourism in several countries. While traditionally Egypt has never been a prime...

Cties of Egypt

Stanley Bridge is a 400 metre-long proudly standing Egyptian modern monument.

Walk along the corniche, sample the Alexandrian lifestyle, see old men playing backgammon and youngsters enjoying  the Alexandrian night skyline from a nearby café....



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Former King of Egypt becomes grandfather for the first time.

Former King of Egypt, Fuad II of Egypt, has become a grandfather for the first time. He announced the news on his Facebook page....
“With pride and joy I announce the birth of my first grandchildren Prince Fuad Zahir and Princess Farah Nur this morning Thursday 12 January 2017. God bless them and make them a source of happiness and contentment to their parents.”

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